A wink and a smile is all this guy needs to win the girl. Usually. #TeamJoaquin


A wink and a smile is all this guy needs to win the girl. Usually. #TeamJoaquin

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““The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” Robert

F. Kennedy

Ever wonder where we would be without art? What would our cities look like? How would we express ourselves? Most of all, what would OUR LIVES look like? To some, art is a wonderful form of therapy, to others; it’s a phenomenal form of expression.

To millenniums, it’s the movies we watch, it’s the clothes we wear, it’s the brands we use and most of all, it’s the stories we connect too. Art give us prosperity; it’s the reason we live. For the past 28 years, Video Association of Dallas, (VAD), has helped promote an understanding of video as a creative visual art medium and its cultural force in our influential society. VAD’s mission is to continuously work with Texas artists, students, educators, critics, directors and video/film producers. We support those who work behind the scenes of 

what makes our lives so phenomenal! We help students and professionals stimulate excellence in their beautiful work. However, we can’t do this alone. September 18th of our mission and join us during North Texas Giving Day! We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Sept. 18th | North Texas Giving Day! | #NTXGivingDay | @NTXGivingDay

"People don’t want medicine, they want popcorn,"Entertainment is the big dirty word of documentary. ‘Oh no! I’ve entertained someone. I’ve cheapened my movie!
Michael Moore 


Oh, I lie now and then, I suppose. Sometimes I’d tell them the truth and they still wouldn’t believe me, so I prefer to lie.

The 400 Blows / Les quatre cents coups (1959)

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ProACT Diversity in Casting and Storytelling Event – Monday, September 15

ProACT Conservatory is hosting a Diversity in Casting and Storytelling industry event on Sept. 15. Indie Producer M. Legend Brown, Dallas Screenwriter Carolyn Hodge and Casting Directors Chris Telles and Tisha Blood and Sara Sax from the Richards Group gather to discuss the importance of representing the real world in our industry.

Join the conversation and network with industry leaders as we discuss the changing dynamics of our industry.

Event details:

When: 7 – 9 p.m., Monday, Sept. 15

Where: KD College Black Box Theater

2600 North Stemmons Fwy, #117

Dallas, TX 75207

Register online 

Cost: Free to ProACT, Houston Conservatory and Austin Actors Conservatory Members ($35/year for SAG-AFTRA members)

$35 for general public



Dallas VideoFest 27 One Month Away

By the time this meets your eyes we will be one month away from the opening night of DVF 27. I just saw the intro for this year’s festival from Courtney Ware and it is magnificent. This year we open with the Dallas Chamber Symphony playing a commissioned score to the film The Lodger by Hitchcock at Dallas Performance Hall.  This will be one of those amazing video fest nights that you will talk about for years, so don’t miss it.

After that, we go to the Alamo Drafthouse, UTA, The South Dallas Cultural Center and then, to the Angelika.  Why go all over the place? We want to bring the festival to a venue NEAR YOU.  Why so many days?  Each night at the Alamo and Angelika we will show on two screens instead of four, so you won’t have to experience film festival anxiety. Oh, my! There are so many excellent choices, what should I see?

This year we will have more documentaries than dramas, and they are from all over the world. They are full of joy and sorry, and the topics range from everything from dance to homelessness. We also have issues ripped right out of the headlines, like a documentary about a journalist being murdered. We are filled to overflowing this year and we wanted to make sure you had more opportunities to view the incredible VideoFest line-up.

Last year, I did a few sporadic Google hangouts that were well received. This year we are kicking that up a notch and scheduling information will be coming soon. You will be able to join in the discussion and ask the filmmakers some questions face to face. How cool is that?  Three years from now every festival will be doing this. 

By the way, there still is time to be a sponsordonate,  become a member, or give during Giving Day to the festival, or advertise in the program book to help us bring some of the filmmakers to town. 

We are also working on some cool, new items to purchase this year, so make sure you visit the merch tables and support DVF. 

But, that is not all!

Our TV show, Frame of Mind, had our kick-off to our new season of 13 shows, last Thursday. So this Thursday, at 10 PM we will show the best films in last year’s Texas Show from the Dallas Video Fest. Next week, we have work from David Lowery, and the week after that, we will show work by Kat Candler. So, set your DVR to record Frame of Mind’s new season